Saturday, 20 July 2019

ZweitakterzSüd Meeting Denkendorf 20.7.2019

After a lot stuff to do I had time to visit the 7th ZweitakterzSüd Meeting at the Sonnenhof in Denkendorf. It was a nice, little Meeting with lots of different East European cars. Lada, Wartburg, Skoda, Dacia, Trabant, Barkas etc.
See some pictures:

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Sunday, 30 June 2019 SchwobaCup

On the hottest day in June recorded in many areas in Germany and other spots in Europe we had a again our 13th internation Young- and Oldtimer SchwobaCup from Ehningen to Schwäbisch-Gmünd and back. 217km (without getting lost, we got lost a few times :-) as many others ).
Without Air Conditioning in most of the cars it was a real challenge for car and driver/passenger.
81 cars, Alfa, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, VW.. and this time two Trabant took the challenge.
The weather was sunny, blue sky and no clouds.
Temperatures above 30C made it really sticky in the cars.
But the drive was great. Lots of challenges with uphill / downhill, needle curves etc.
Almost all cars arrived fine back in Ehningen after > 220kms and about 5+ hours driving.
We were cooked, just some lucky AC equipped Drivers were cooled down.
Again a big THANK YOU to the Team Norbert, Achim and all the others.

We were very successfull this year.
Hansjörg finished 1st in Class 2 with his 88 Porsche 911 and Marcus as Navigator
I finished 6th with my Trabant in Class 2 with Kenneth as Navigator
Simon finished second in Class 3 with his Mercedes E280 Station Wagon with Thomas as Navigator.
My buddy Klaus finished 1st in Class 1 with his Trabant P60 and his Navigator Lorenz.
All together we finished 1st as TEAM ZYLINDERKÖPFE
We fought the heat and won the race :-)

See some pics.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Relaxing in Bad Steben

I took some time for me, a 4 week kind of rehab in Bad Steben, Bavaria. Sports, Fitness, Gymnastic, Training etc. I was able to find my inner calm, lose weight, get fit...
If you have the chance to get somethinglike that, do it...